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Where we've been... 

Hey View fans!!!! Wondering where we've been? Yeah, it's been a long while since there's been any official View activity.

In the past ten months or so, our drummer, Erik, was diagnosed with non-Hodgkins Lymphoma and required neck surgery in October and radiation treatments in December. By the grace of God, he's doing well and was declared in remission in mid-February.
Our bassist, Justin, moved to Denver at the beginning of January. His epic bass grooves, stage presence, and friendship will be greatly missed.  In the meantime, Craig Parker will be filling in for us on bass.

And Raven Studios, our practice/writing/recording home, has moved to a new, top-secret, underground location. But the good news - View is back in action! BJ, Aric, Craig, and Erik be playing at this year's Chelsea Sights & Sounds on Thursday, which marks View's first full, in-public appearance since the OddFellows show last September. There are two other festival shows this summer scheduled as well...check out the home page for details.

What else is on the way for 2012? Hopefully some new music will finally see daylight. We have a bunch of cool songs written during 2011 that we hope to start recording soon.

As always, stay tuned for updates....and thanks for your patience as we emerge from a very challenging multi-month layoff. Our fans are THE BEST - THANK YOU!!

One last show before the equinox...September 16th 

Hey all!  Thanks for so much support over the summer...we had a string of great shows (thanks to you all), and had a blast!

We're honored to be the special guests for the inaugural Oddfellow Music showcase with our good friends October Babies, Dragon Wagon, The Afternoon Round, 16 More Miles, and Satchel Jones!  This is definitely our last show before the equinox (you know - September 23rd - the official start of autumn), and it may be our last show this year.  We've got some plans to record this fall that will probably keep us busy through the end of the year.  If you've been thinking of catching a View show this year, this may be your last time to do so.

We hope to see you!

- View -
Aric, BJ, Erik, and Justin

Still kickin' 

Hey folks...BJ here.  just wanted to update you on what's happening in the View world!

We're hoping you're having a stellar 2011.  Yeah, it's only March 1st, but we set the bar high.

We've been working on a slew of new songs - seven complete, a few more close.  We'll be looking to test some of these new songs in front of an audience or two in the coming keep an eye out for that!

We've got some summer / fall shows in the works - some outdoor / family friendly, and some indoor / not so.  When we know more, it'll be posted here.

Here's hoping spring is coming to your part of the world soon...

BJ / View


Hi all!  BJ here.  We're in the midst of a marathon of shows, with last night's show in Canton being the kickoff.  Thanks to all who listened - you were a great crowd!

Tonight we've added a last minute show at the Wayne County Fair in Belleville, MI.  We're on the Canton Live Stage from 5-7pm.  From 5-6, it'll be Erik and me acoustically, and we'll be joined by Justin for an electric set from 6-7pm.  Admission to the fair is free - parking is $2.

On Friday, we travel to Jackson for a show at the Jackson Coffee Company.  Our friends Karen and Bart Hawley over at JTV (aka Jackson TV) will have a couple of live videos of View on the show today from 1-3pm.  The show will replay at 5, 8, and 11 PM today, and again at 2 an 5 AM on Friday.  You can watch it over at

After this, we've got a bit of a break, with a couple of babies expected in the next two months.  We're planning on writing, and possibly recording through the winter, so we'll have some new music to share.

Thanks for all your support!

Aric, BJ, Erik, and Justin


We want to say a huge thanks to everyone who voted for us in the FOX Rocks / Bon Jovi contest!  Although we didn't win, we really appreciated all the support and votes!!  We were truly amazed at all the support...thanks!

What do you think of the new website design?  Let us know in the comment section below!

We've got some new shows coming up, with our next show on March 27th at Goodnite Gracie in Ann Arbor.  (More info on the Shows page.)  Also, we've posted some new live recordings and an interview on the Music page.

Check 'em out, and come see us soon!!

BJ, Erik, and Justin

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