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Common Rotation 

I think we were all pretty well amazingly impressed with Common Rotation. If you missed the show, you missed out. But, happily, a LOT of you didn't. And you rock. You know who you are.

Extra special thanks to Jordan, Adam, and Eric for coming all the way from California. You're welcome on our doorstep anytime.

And, Gary, you don't have to kick Adam's ass. He didn't mean it. Really.

We've started recording. Hopefully that will turn into we're mixing, and then we're mastering, and then we're releasing another CD. Even better, BJ's taking voice lessons. He's tired of blowing out his voice. And he's sure you're tired of it, too! Not his voice, but the blowing out of said voice...oh, nevermind.

Foggy Bottom Coffee House 

If you came out to the Foggy Bottom Coffee House show, you saw 1/2 of View in a whole new light. That show was a great night for us...and, Craig had a microphone in front of him. No, that's not a typo. Look for that at more shows!

So we've got some interesting nights of fantastic music coming up.

On October 7th, at Boulder's in Plymouth, you get to witness a spectacle never before seen. That dark fall night, the forces of View and Mindset will take the stage. If you don't know the implications of that statement, that's OK. We'll lay it out for you.

Mike and Joe (bassist and drummer, respectively, for View) are also Mike and Joe (bassist and singer, respectively, for Mindset). This means there'll be about 4 hours of music generated from these two.

And of course, some fun rivalry.

On October 26th, at Bombadill's cafe in Ypsilanti, another interesting spectacle will take place. View (in full acoustic form) will host Common Rotation (on You do NOT want to miss this show! Common Rotation is a phenomal 3-piece act from NY and CA, including Adam Busch (of Buffy the Vampire Slayer fame).

We'll be bombarding you with reminders for both of these shows.

November and December promise to be interesting - View should be spending time in the studio.

You all rock. Come see us.

Pick up some View merchandise.

Thanks for supporting live and local music!

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