Ypsilanti Crossroads

Two pieces of great news - we'll be playing a lot of new music at the TC's Speakeasy show this Friday, so don't miss it! And, we've been selected for the Ypsilanti Crossroads Music Festival for the second year in…Read more

Support TC's Speakeasy!

First off, TC's Speakeasy (one of our favorite venues and the location of our next show), has been nominated for Best Live Venue in WDIV's VOTE 4 THE BEST. They need your help. Please follow the directions below to vote…Read more

Welcome the Animal...

More news on the View front. We have a new bassist by the name of Justin Mastic - welcome to View, Justin. We'll happily work your tail off!

So the next show is 6 days away. The plan was…Read more

Lets Get Up To Speed...

Wow. It's been a while since we posted. Let us get you up to speed...

We've been busy. Worked on a demo for a few months - and then things changed. Mike needed a break from View - he's…Read more

Happy New Year!

HAPPY NEW YEAR!!! With a new year, a new layout to the site should follow! Let us know how we did! We are currently working on some new studio tracks that you'll see posted up on our new player. They…Read more

What's Next...

So the end has come. Of 2006, that is. Anyhow, thanks for helping us blow it out right with a great show at TC's Speakeasy on the 1st. If you didn't make it, you truly missed out. A great club…Read more

Common Rotation

I think we were all pretty well amazingly impressed with Common Rotation. If you missed the show, you missed out. But, happily, a LOT of you didn't. And you rock. You know who you are.

Extra special thanks to…Read more

Foggy Bottom Coffee House

If you came out to the Foggy Bottom Coffee House show, you saw 1/2 of View in a whole new light. That show was a great night for us...and, Craig had a microphone in front of him. No, that's not…Read more