Support TC's Speakeasy!

First off, TC's Speakeasy (one of our favorite venues and the location of our next show), has been nominated for Best Live Venue in WDIV's VOTE 4 THE BEST. They need your help. Please follow the directions below to vote for TC's. They (and we) thank you and appreciate all of your help and support.

Go here:

and click VOTE!

Also, Berkley Music in Berkley, MI has been helping our lead guitarist (Craig) out for a while now, and they've taken REALLY good care of him (and, consequently, View), so, go on over and vote for them too!

Go here:

and click VOTE!

You'll need to enter your email address and click Submit, then check your email and confirm your vote.

To see the whole Vote 4 the Best site, go to

Be sure to check out our upcoming shows the next couple of weeks, and stay tuned to 89X next Sunday at 10PM on the Home Boy Show for a new VIEW song!!!!


~BJ, cRAiG, Erik, and Justin

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