1. Mirolina

From the recording Self-titled

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Mirolina wants to fly
She wants to kneel and touch the sky
Mirolina wants to fall
Just leave her on the rocks below

Mirolina wants to go
She’s been down that road before
She’d like to make it to the show
She’s never been out in the snow

She’ll turn around
And ask the questions
She needs to know
She’ll take you out
She’ll take you in
She’ll lead you on some more
You turn around
And she’ll be right there

Mirolina doesn’t cry
She doesn’t know the reasons why
She’d like to stay here in this room
But this place feels like her tomb

Mirolina doesn’t know
I’ll never let these feelings go
I don’t have the strength to fight
I’ll never leave and that’s alright

And later on
I’ll ask the questions
I need to know
But she’ll be gone
And I’ll be left there
Out in the cold
I’ll turn around
And she won’t be there