1. Look

From the recording Self-titled

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Where I grew up
There was room to move
The days went slow but time was real smooth

Now times are tough
The days are closing in
I gotta stop and take a look again

I met her early one year
When I was young
She had a way of tying up my tongue

When I figured it out
I made a move
I lost my hope but things fell in the groove

We saw each other day and night
Everything felt so right
I had the time of my life
It would never be again

Well the summer rolled by
And the nights were warm
We had it all but we didn’t see the storm

An uneasy feeling
Settled in
We were headed for our own oblivion

Still the days were full of light
It was getting cold at night
Was the warmth gone from her skin
It would never be again

She moved away
And so did I
We’re still underneath that bright blue sky

It’s different now
That she lives with him
But I still stop and take a look again

What if we had made it right
If we had never had that fight
I had the time of my life
And it would never be again