1. For Us

From the recording Moving On

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Underneath fluorescent lights
My day turns itself to night
I wonder why I bother now
I can't fix it anyhow

I get out, head for my car
Open up the driver's door
I get in, bring it to life
And I remember now
I remember how

How he gave it all for us
No selfish dreams like most of us
No sluggish mind but clearer thought
Always something I am not

Turn on the radio, loud
I can hear him speak out
Are you listening to me now
Listen to me now
Listen to me now

I want to give it all for us
Make your mind be will for us
Keep me always in your thoughts
Make them something they are not

Something I could never quite ignore
He is telling me once more
Don't keep me out just let me in
Don't keep me out now
Let me in somehow

Help me give it all for us
Let your will be mind for us
Clear my mind, free my thoughts
Make me something they are not
Make me something I am not
Make us something we are not