Battle of the Bands Show

Thanks to all who came out for the Liberty Plaza and Gap shows! We had a blast at each...two very different shows, both with great friends and fans!

So we have some news...we just recently booked a last-minute show for September. The opportunity was too good to pass up - and now we need your help.

We've signed up for an 89X Battle of the Bands at The Necto in Ann Arbor on Sunday, September 13th. The winner opens for Billy Talent at St. Andrew's Hall in Detroit on Tuesday, September 15th.

Obviously, winning the competition would be great...but even better would be filling The Necto with you all! The judging is based 50% on performance, and 50% on attendance. This is where you come in. We realize this is a Sunday night, but we've got a few incentives for you to come.

First, it's cheap. You can get tickets from us for $2...which is how we'd prefer it...or you can pay $2 at the door.
Second, it's early. We've been told we were selected to play first, and doors are at 9pm - we're supposed to go on right away.
Third, the Necto is an awesome venue. Sound is top notch. Pics of the place can be found here: The Necto at Myspace
Fourth, and it's the biggie here...

We'll be eternally grateful. For real.

So make your plans now to spend Sunday night, September 13th with us at The Necto in Ann Arbor. You won't be disappointed.

Our next show will be a CD release party, and it's tentatively going to be at a venue in Ypsilanti...we'll post more details as soon as we have them.

BJ, Erik, and Justin

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