Lets Get Up To Speed...

Wow. It's been a while since we posted. Let us get you up to speed...

We've been busy. Worked on a demo for a few months - and then things changed. Mike needed a break from View - he's been balancing a lot between View and another project, as well as finding the time for his (very important) personal life. Joe felt the same way - and thus, after 3 1/2 years, we've (most amicably) parted ways. Mike and Joe, you will be missed!!

Craig and BJ have decided to keep View moving. On that note, this is a huge welcome (back) to founding drummer Erik Weber. Erik is (re-)joining View after a 3-year hiatus. We've been practicing together for a couple of weeks now, and things are coming together quite nicely (if we do say so ourselves!) Anyhow, look for Erik at our upcoming shows and say hi!

Meanwhile, we've polished up and finished the demos we've recorded, and we'll be posting them here shortly. As well, there are some shows coming up; a couple of them are BJ solo acoustic shows, which he won't tell anyone he is quite nervous about. Come out and show him your love. Or something.

Any interested bass players, please feel free to contact us. Otherwise you may have to listen to BJ play bass. Trust us on this one!!

Hope to see you soon!!

~BJ, cRAiG, and Erik

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